Test Equipment Calibration

Commitment to quality

Since 1989, Techmaster Electronics has been the recognized leader in electronic test equipment calibration services.

All calibrations are performed using internationally standards traceable to the International System of Units (SI Units). We follow standard procedure with high precision standard equipment with a test accuracy of 4:1 or greater.
The Calibration criteria used for all detail in calibration certificate is easy to understand and useable and complies with ISO:17025 requirement which included of:
  • All required data with As Found and As Left data
  • Tolerance and status
  • Uncertainty report of calibration

Test Equipment Repair

Effective and efficient service

We provide quality repair service and maintenance choices that extend beyond a common OEM level of service.

With our qualified repair technicians we provide the cost effective and efficient repair service. Our repairing capabilities:
  • Semiconductor and electronic equipment
  • Fiber optics and communications equipment
  • Fiber optics and communications equipment

Where You Need Us!

With locations throughout the United States, Mexico, and Asia, Techmaster
Electronics is ready to service your equipment when you need us…wherever you
are. Contact us for location information, and on-site
scheduling access.

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